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Please do not book your rooms directly. Rooms may be selected after your team signs up and pays for their registration fee.

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Room Types Available

Rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis. Once the room type is gone, we will have to move to the family’s second preference.

Room rates are for the ENTIRE WEEKEND (Friday – Sunday stay). Not per individual night.

  • Standard Room

This room comes with a balcony facing the city.

  • Oceanfront Room

Comes with an ocean view from the outdoor balcony and a pull out sofa. Ocean-front rooms are located to the right (south) of the glass elevators. Some of these rooms have entrances from inside the atrium and some have entrances from outside the atrium.

  • Platinum Room

These rooms comes with a private atrium balcony overlooking the ice rink.

  • Atrium Room

This room comes with a private atrium balcony and a view of the atrium over the bistro bar and gift shop with a distant view of the rink.

  • VIP Room

Ocean-front rooms to the left of the glass elevator (north) with entrances in the atrium hallway overlooking the rink.

  • Rink View Room

Located at the north end of the atrium above the skate rental office. The rink is visible from the door in the atrium hallway.