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Mite Beach Bash

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The Tournament of the Year

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We organized this tournament for the love of the game! Also for the children and parents to have a very unique experience. Teams start to play on Friday, will have game(s) on Saturday and all play in a championship game on Sunday!

Partnering with the Carousel Resort gives this tournament a feel like no other! It is based on everyone having FUN and not so much on winning! Throughout the team’s downtime, the teams participated in various activities. We sincerely hope every child and parent found our 1st MITE BEACH BASH a fun time and something they will always remember.

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What’s Included?

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Minimum of 4 Games

Each team will start playing their games on Friday, with game(s) on Saturday, and a championship game on Sunday.

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Ocean City

Fun in the sun, take advantage of the hotel’s amenities and the things to do around Ocean City, MD while you’re around!

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Referee Service

The best ref’s in Ocean City! Our referee’s are carefully selected to ensure they will be fair while ensuring everyone is having a great time and being safe.