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We are so excited that you have considered coming to our next Mite Beach Bash!

As you know if you were here before, or if this is your first tournament with us, we organized this tournament for the love of the game! The children, as well as their parents, will have a very unique experience during the Mite Beach Bash weekend.

Each team will start playing their games on Friday, with games on Saturday, and a championship game on Sunday. There is a minimum of 4 games.

Partnering with the Carousel Resort gives the tournament a feel like no other! Kids can play their hearts out, while the parents can sit and enjoy the game up close to the rink or from their room balconies. This tournament is based on everyone having FUN and not so much about winning!

Throughout your team’s downtime, you will be able to participate in various activities provided to you! Please take advantage of all the wonderful amenities on the premises; the indoor pool, restaurants, and bar.

Thank you for considering the Mite Beach Bash Tournament!

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